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About me:


      As a young artist, it is my goal to find my dream career. I have a passion for creating visuals in all mediums. I am inspired by several forms of creative expression. I grew up doing a lot of theater and music. Art is something that comes as a natural interest because it is another avenue of self-expression. I find I’m really inspired by all things imaginary. When I was a kid, I was always inventing new worlds and coming up with the characters that lived in them. I find that I’m still entertained by the thought of hidden worlds, like fairies, aliens, and cryptids.

      Nature is another one of my inspirations. I think because it is so untamed. It’s full of color, light and texture that is so fun to try and capture in my work. I often find myself referencing nature and artists with a very organic, painterly styles while looking for artistic influence.

When working digitally I like utilizing a painterly style, like the one I used to create my piece “Hidden City” piece. I would call the aesthetic of my digital work somewhat stylized but I use lots of reference so there are elements of realism. I think it’s fun to mess around with brushes, color and texture when working digitally because the possibilities are virtually endless.

 For my traditional work I like to dabble in a variety of dry and wet mediums as well as collage and print making. During creative blocks, I revert to sketching ideas out in pencil, maybe throwing watercolor on top. Ideating with mark making, handmade textures, and using the tactile nature of traditional art to fuel my creative flow.

      While studying abroad in France, I created a collage sketch book inspired by my time in Paris. I used scraps of maps, receipts and other tid-bits I collected. I also used different types of paper, some of which I textured and dyed myself using olives. While in France I also learned the art of print making which lead me to create one of my other larger projects, the “C’est Dommage” collection.

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